Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea benefits for beauty are similar to the all in one BB face cream. It is an outstanding multi-tasking beverage. Above all, it has everything: enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids and vitamins. This organic green drink  is one of the next generation alphabet products. Green Tea Benefits for Beauty Sun Protection Green tea has a powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic property.  Due to this it confronts DNA damage from UV rays and hence protects skin from sun-rays and even prevents tanning. According to Truth in Aging based on a 2005 study in Journal of Dermatological Science: “EGCG indirectly acts as a sun-protecting ingredient by quenching the body’s UVRead More →

Traditional Japanese Matcha Green Tea

What is Matcha? Finely ground and powder form of green tea is Matcha.  The plant of grows in the misty mountains of Japan. It’s growing and harvesting process contributes to its vibrant green color. Thus imparting incredible health benefits to the tea. Matcha is popular for its use in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies. Growing and Harvesting A few weeks before harvesting, the tea bushes are covered . Matcha tea plants grow in shade. The slowing down of growth promotes the production of amino acids and chlorophyll. Once harvested, the tea leaves are moved indoors. Then they are laid out flat to dry.  Next, the dryRead More →

(Caffeine and EGCG) in green tea

Stress and typhoid are the number one reason for hair loss. It is an utter disappointment to wake up with strands of hair all over the pillow. The key to solving this problem is to use green tea for hair loss. So, if you have been suffering from hair fall, read this post.  It talks about why should you add green tea to your life.  You will also read about how to use it in order to achieve the best results. Know Why Green Tea is Good for Your Tresses? There are so many health benefits of green tea. The list ranges from fat burning virtueRead More →